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We helped to transmit the second release of Ikarie XB-1 movie.

June 2016

Following a successful screening at the Cannes Festival, the legendary sci-fi film Ikarie XB-1 enters Czech cinemas. The digitally restored version returns the film to the form it had when it was first made in 1963. The ceremonial premiere will take place on Thursday 16 June at 8.30 pm, in two cities simultaneously! At the same time, the Ikarie XB-1 experience will be shared by watchers at both Světozor cinema in the centre of Prague and the Scala at Moravské Square in Brno. The live transmission between the cinemas, provided by CESNET, is a telling proof of the fact that some visions of the sci-fi genre have become reality. Tickets to both the premieres are on sale. More information is available at CESNET webstite. Photos are available on facebook.

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UltraGrid 1.5. "The one with the mouse support" Release

October 2018

CESNET and the Laboratory of Advanced Networking Technologies (SITOLA) are happy to announce a new stable release of the UltraGrid software for low-latency and high-quality video transmissions over IP networks. The current stable release is versioned 1.5 and is available for download for all supported platforms at http://www.ultragrid.cz/.

Make your own kind of music with R&E networks

Make your own kind of music with R&E networks

November 2017

Another story featuring UltraGrid has been published by In the field blog. The authors go back to the net:art near in the distance production performed Brucknerhaus Linz in June 2017. The near in the distance 3 production connected multiple locations across Europe including Linz, Barcelona, Prague, and Rome. UltraGrid and LOLA were deployed and integrated into a single audio-visual performance. Read the whole story In The Field Stories blog.

In The Field blog is managed by the Media & Communications department of AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network) in collaboration with marketing and communications professionals from the global network of research and education networks.