UltraGrid Download

Download, compile, install and benefit from use

UG Installation

From source


  1. unpack tar.gz (optional)
  2. cd ultragrid
  3. ./autogen.sh
  4. make

Compilation specifics

Using binary packages

UG Running

Sending video

  • cd ultragrid/bin
  • ./uv -t help
    Prints available video capt. modules
  • ./uv -c help
    Help on compression
  • ./uv -s help
    Help on audio capture
  • ./uv -t testcard:help
    Help on available capture modes of the testcard mo­dule
  • ./uv -t testcard:1920:1080:­24:RGB -m 8500 example.com
    UltraGrid will send test pattern video to example.com

Sending video details

Receiving video

  • cd ultragrid/bin
  • ./uv -d help
    Prints available video display modules
  • ./uv -d gl:help
    Prints help on usage of OpenGL display module
  • ./uv -d gl <sourceIP>
    UltraGrid will receive video stream from <sourceIP> and display it using OpenGL
  • ./uv -r help
    Help for help on audio playback

Receiving video details

Send and receive video

Single UltraGrid instance can serve as both sender and receiver.

  • /uv -d somecard -t somecard:0:4:RGB example.com
    Same card as sender and receiver
  • ./uv -d gl -t testcard:1920:1080:­24:RGB -m 8500 127.0.01
    UltraGrid will stream test pattern video to localhost address and display the video using OpenGL.

Send and receive video details

Advanced usage examples

For more advanced usage examples of UltraGrid visit our technical wiki site